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Reva Pandit

Inspired by nature and rooted in a deep connection with the natural environment, Reva Pandit’s art mirrors the beauty of nature’s bounty. Unfurling flora is delicately painted, recapturing the beauty of flowers as decorative objects. Her work explores the colour, softness and allure of nature in bloom. Reva’s collection for Miranika is entitled “Flornament”, and is inspired by ornaments made of flowers worn in ancient times. Reva is an exceptional artist with a gift for spilling out her art on the smallest of canveses. She has actively displayed her work in Solo & Group shows across India. Reva was also awarded the prestigious Nasreen Mohamedi Scholarship in 2009. In addition to painting, she has tried her hand at Mural Painting and Graffiti as art forms as well. Currently she lives and works in Mumbai.