We believe that magic happens at the fringes, the border of two or more artistic traditions, and we are at the cusp of creating that magic!

It all began three years ago, walking the streets of New York and roaming the art galleries. One thought kept niggling and persisting – why does art have to be confined to museums and walls of art galleries? And can it be liberated from its traditional perch and made more accessible and personal for the art lover?

And our journey began- fuelled with curiosity, passion and the spirit to tread beyond existing norms and traditional forms of expression. We spoke with seasoned artists, art designers and craftsmen with generations of heritage. Our refrain was - experimentation, innovation and co-creation with different genres of artists. Many were skeptical, but many joined hands, helping us to reach where we stand today. Our quest continues to personalize art and serve the artistic spirit of every art lover.

MIRANIKA is heralding an art form that synthesizes bodies of knowledge from seemingly disparate fields and brings together the mastery of different genres of artists to new heights of creativity.

Our unique creations have brought together the genius of painting with the mastery of generations of Indian craftsmen. Artworks the size of murals have been miniaturized by the artists themselves and then crafted by hand to fit into delicate baubles. With utmost detail and delicate handiwork, each piece of art that we present carries a narrative of the painter, the craftsman and the stones themselves.

As these narratives merge at the end of your nape, on your ears and your hands - our art and our story begins!